Im Kelvin Knighton I enjoy building things with JavaScript on the Backend and Full Stack.

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Try, fail, improve then repeat

My roommate introduced me to code around 2014, I took to it consuming online courses and switching my major to CS for it.

I loved the programming classes in college, but real experience came from linking up with other developers and coding basic projects with javaScript and HTML, I got my start with an internship at a local startup here in San Diego I was on the backend javascript team and from there I went on to the Node.js foundation doing open source full time.

From there I've worked for a local startup after that experience I decided to start my own company, so now I'm an entrepreneur and I do freelance. I've always done projects for people and for my own while working. Thank for being here with me, you could have any where else in the world but you are here with me.